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RED ROCK LITHICS COPPER BOPPERS. These reasonably priced "copper boppers" [weight forward, lead filled copper cap billets] are made by Dave Parker of Red Rock Lithics and I am proud to make them available on my website. They were the ones I used while I was learning to master this type of tool after 40 years with antler billets. They were written about in an appendix in The Art Of Flint Knapping: Fifth Edition, featured in three of my latest DVD's, and Angela Parker's Flintknapping: 100 Pounds Of Attitude DVD. Also, see my extensive article in The Best Of CHIPS, Vol. 3, pp 40-47. Presently, these boppers come in four sizes. Note: the sizes listed are the sizes of the inside diameter of the pipe the cap fits over which is smaller than the actual dimensions of the outside of the cap, and the number of rings around the handle indicate this size in 1/4 inch increments as in 3 rings for 3/4 inch and so on.  However, to give you an idea of the true size of the tool head I have also given the actual outside diameter in brackets. When ordering boppers and replacement caps please go by the smaller, un-bracketed size!

Also, when ordering you might want to keep in mind the recommendations I made for each tool as to the size and hardness of the materials they are best suited for. Much of my work is on heat treated pieces from 1 to 6 inches, and therefore, the boppers in my tool kit that see the most use are the two smaller ones. For heavy spalling and preformwork, daggers, axes, and really big points the two bigger boppers and a huge custom made 2 1/4 incher [not available at present] get the job done. So consider getting an extra bopper in the sizes you figure you will use the most, and remember, I also have replacement caps for the three most popular sizes.  

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