17 D-632 Type IV-E Dagger


17 D-632 Type IV-E Dagger made from heat treated Sunset Jasper from Richardson's Rock Ranch, Oregon. This extraordinary dagger was made from material I acquired during a 1995 trip to the North West. Due to the dual nature of this stone great care was taken in heat treating it. The darker colored ends were of a slicker material while the lighter colored center was more grainy. Get it hot enough to really cook the middle good and the ends would have been ruined. A compromise maximum temperature of 450 did the trick with center still a bit tough where percussion flaking with some pressure retouch of the edges was the best I could do. With the handle end just right I was able to double stitch the center seam getting some of finest stitching I have ever done in this material. The scan of the show face didn't do it justice so a photo in the sun was taken! As with all Type IV-E daggers the back side is flat and is mostly percussion flaked like the front. No matter which way you look at it, this is a beautiful piece made from a limited material,  and well worth the price I'm asking!  Size, 8 1/16 inches. Price, $325. SOLD!

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