All Over 4

About the “All Over 4” page. All of the points on this page are 4 inches and over and are made from the cheaper materials I have in my stash. This is stuff that was not high color or high dollar at the time I acquired it in quantity. It is of good quality for the tool and point maker, and is actually what the old timers prized most because unlike the high color stone it was more flaw-free and dependable. Since I have so much of it and want to make use of it before I can’t chip any more I have decided to only charge for the time involved in making the pieces which allows for a considerable reduction in prices. As an example I can make a 4 inch point out of a 4 ½ inch piece of rock in about 45 minutes to an hour using the best tools and my 50 years of experience, and I do this with a 98 percent success rate. This is with about 80 percent percussion flaking for these larger points. I’m not bragging, this is cold hard fact!  Believe it or not, I have about the same time in my Cohokia and other fine small arrow points that are made using mostly pressure. Frankly, beating on the bigger ones is easier on my back and hands than hunching over and pushing on the little ones, so I actually prefer making larger pieces. For those on a budget that have bought so much of my small stuff in the past, because of these facts, and the significant savings, you can now enjoy some of my bigger pieces while I’m inclined to make and offer them. 

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