A MASTER KNAPPER’S GUIDE TO SOME LATE ARCHAIC, WOODLAND, AND MISSISSIPIAN POINTS OF THE MIDWEST AND SOUTHERN U.S. This fourth, and last book, in the Master Knapper’s Guide Series starts where the third volume left off with points from the end of the Late Archaic which can be considered a transitional period leading into the Early Woodland, and continuing with more major and important types from the Middle and Late Woodland, through the Mississippian, and on into Early Historic times. Because there were so many types, with over 70 being featured, this is also the largest book in the series. As in the first three books, the goal was to continue to present illustrations of old original specimens that would be useful as guides and templates for the modern flint worker and to surround them with an informative text that draws attention to the details that are of most interest to knappers. Also, for comparison with the old points there have been included examples of reproductions made by the author and some of the best modern flint craftsmen. With the exception of a few schematic sketches, and photo-scans, the majority of the figures in this book are the fine line art of the late Valerie Waldorf. Many of which were originally published in the long out-of-print Story In Stone, and here they have been presented with a revised text and additional material. Those that are not from Story In Stone come from old Lithics Casting Lab catalogs, CHIPS magazine articles, Indian relic journals, and archeological books and reports. In these cases the sources are mentioned in the accompanying text. Featured in this volume are some Florida basal notched points, Texas Pedernales, Montell, Frio, Marcos, Ensor, Lang, Castroville, Shumla, Langtree, San Saba knives, tang knives, triangular knives, four bevels, and Caddo blades. The Late Archaic and Woodland classics from the upper Midwest are Afton, Meadowood, the Broad Point series, Turkeytails, Beavertails, Adena, Waubesa, Dickson, Ohio Hopewell, Snyders, Gibson, Middle Woodland dart points, Hopewell Ross points, and Late Woodland including Intrusive Mound and Jacks Reef. Mississippian and Early Historic pieces include many types of arrow points, and large bifacial blades and agricultural implements. A section with more modern reproductions and facsimiles features some of the finest work done by contemporary master knappers. The last section is the author’s personal perspective on the major lithic resources used to make the large percussion flaked bifaces that were so prevalent during the periods covered herein: how these sources might have been in ancient times, how they are today, their availability, and some of the problems encountered when attempting to make big pieces from these materials. 8 1/2 x 11, comb bound, 86 pages with 346 illustrations, and 43 photos. Price, $22.     

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